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The Brunch Society Club

York & Lancaster Pennsylvania area monthly brunch social group. Bringing communities together 4 friendship, networking, community building, and brunch!🥂 🍳🍹🥞

Everyone is Welcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Work?

It’s so simple! Join our group, RSVP for an event, and show up! 

Is there a fee involved with membership?

No fees are involved with membership. Free to attend unless otherwise noted for special crafts events. 

I love this group! How do I support the group so it keeps operating?

Make a donation at our page or purchase goods from our store (coming soon)! Referrals are also appreciated for sponsorships and gift bag donations.

What does "Private" or "Invitation Only" Status Mean for brunch events?

We will occasionally have private and invitation-only brunch events. These are open to attendees who have shown up for multiple events and established a rapport with the group as a whole. 

Is This a Booze Club?

No, this isn’t a booze club. The experience is whatever you make it. This is a social meetup group to meet new friends, have fun, relax, enjoy good food, network, or just get out of the house. Peoples drink at restaurants and our events are held at restaurants, so people might be drinking responsibly. All are welcome and we have a large group of people who don’t drink that attend on a regular basis.  

Am I Too Young/Old For This Club

This social group is mostly working professionals over the age of 25-55 years old. We do kindly ask that participants be over the age of 21.

2023 calendar

JAN 22

Aviano’s Brunch


John Wright Restaurant

April 23

Spring Ladies Brunch

MAY 21

Location TBA

July 16

Great American Saloon

Sept 17

Location TBA

Oct 29

Location TBA


collaborations sponsorships, or Gift bag donations


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